Strike three, your out McCain

I watched the third debate last night and I would say that McCain, who needed a “knockout punch” says the media, didn’t get what he needed.  Obama had answers for McCains attacks and I don’t think that he demonstrated himself as a “change agent” and that is what people want.  

Even if McCain would be a change agent, there is enough consistency between him and the republican policies of the last 8 years, that it doesn’t look like change.  However, Obama’s policy ideas and plans run completely against the GOP policy machine and are clearly going to lead us in a different direction; that clarity is a major contribution to the pole numbers in Obama’s favor.

I couldn’t help but see ever so clearly that for the republicans, business practices are the answer to everything.  If we stimulate business practices in education and healthcare, the problems will be answered and everyone will be able to get healthcare or there will be a better education system.  Some issues are not best effected by business practices.  Education is definitely one of those areas, we’ve learned that by the idiot superintendent in Idaho, Tom Luna.  Applying car sales business practices doesn’t make for a good education system.  

I can’t wait for an Obama presidency and hopefully a little more democratic presence in my state, in Idaho.  Go Minnick!


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