real challenges

In the last few weeks there has been non-stop commentary about the challenging times in which we currently live.  And while I understand that sentiment and feel it myself, this last week has reminded me again to be thankful and to cherish the important things in life, my family, the beauty around me, each and every breath.  

At the church where I work there are two families, with whom I have been walking through a most difficult time, the coming death of a loved one.  The cancer that is killing both of these family members came as a complete surprise and thus all the more challenging to come to grips with.  

As a result of my time with these saints, I have found myself making sure that my family knows that I love them, making sure that I am saying all that there is to say and appreciating the life I have, which has had some much more minor challenges over the last couple of years.  I sat today with a woman and watched her labored breathing and wondered if she would stop breathing at any moment.  I can’t imagine that place but I am thankful that she has family around who love her, a faith in God that sustains her, even now.  

Our current struggles (nationally)  pale when compared to such a reality.  Lord receive your servants, at the appropriate time, into your peace and care.

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