So GOP folks, How does it feel?

I have just been reading about the anger spilling out of GOP rallies toward Obama because they see the election slipping and heading toward a democratic ticket.  I won’t comment on the horrible things that NBC reported GOP audiences yelling toward Obama, if you want, you can follow this link and read about it.  

Rather I want to comment that their frustration and even anger, seems relatively familiar.  Let’s see: disputed 2000 election where Gore actually won the popular vote but we ended up with Bush.  Then even more unbelievable, the 2004 election, we had to stand by and see spin and lies put the same idiot back into office.  Yes, I was frustrated at the last two presidential elections (not to mention just about every day in between those elections when I was forced to listen to the drivel seeping and sometimes pouring out of the White house).  I must say that it is nice for a change to have the tables turned and I find that I am hopeful that we will actually have President Obama as our 44th president.  

I don’t feel sorry for the GOP folks, look at where we are and that is largely due to the Republican administration of the last 8 years.

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