“When Christ Was Gay”

“When Christ was Gay” is a very insightful and well thought out critique of the Christian right.  I would encourage you to read it and to listen…read it to the end.


Political direction

I recently had a former schoolmate asked me ” What happened to you and your values, Kelley?  She was asking this because of my support for Barack Obama as our next president.  My response is posted below:


Quite frankly, While I do appreciate my country, my highest allegience is not to country.  And I do not think that the policies of the republican party, conservative america necessarily reflect the right way of thinking, nor do they reflect, I believe, the heart of God’s care for this world.  While they really pump the abortion issue, they miss other equally “moral” issues like caring for the poor, homeless, the hungry: the least of us.  They don’t do that here in our own country and they don’t do it well abroad.  They do well at helping the healthy and the rich but not the poor, destitute and those on the margins of our society.

 My political leanings are derived from the party and the candidates who will care for and benefit the “least of us” the most.  I believe that I have good precedent from the Scriptures for that.

  And in my opinion (doesn’t have to be anyone else’s) that hasn’t been the case over the last 8 years and I don’t think a McCain presidency would do that either.  I do however think that an Obama presidency would move in that direction.

 It is okay to disagree, but why do we have to assume that the people who see things differently are wrong, evil  or out to lunch?  As Colin Powell said recently, “our strength is in our diversity”: diversity of opinion, culture, beliefs etc.

 So Obama  and many many more have a different approach and view of the world than  conservative america, isn’t there room for that or is it just all wrong and bad. 

 IN asking what happened to me you rightly point out that I thought much different at CHC.  That was when I just accepted the opinions and beliefs that were given to me by the faculty and the pastor in that very small sliver of a world view.  When I left and began to think outside of that microcosm, I became aware of how small a sliver that was in Christian theological thinking, not to mention how small a view it was of humanity, culture and the world.  You are correct, I no longer live in the CHC worldview nor do I claim to be an american patriot.  I do try to be a good Christian but that, too, is a work in process.



“Focus on the Family’s” Silly and unacceptable letter from 2012

While I would love to be the one who articulately expresses the disgust with which the “letter from 2012” is received by this Christian and many others that I am in relationship with, I must resign myself to the fact that the heartfelt words of my beautiful and passionate wife used to attempt to register her own disgust on the “Focus on the Family” website (we often refer to this “ministry” as “Focus ON YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILY”), are better words that I could have mustered.  By the way, the focus on the amily website promised to respond within 3-4 days but, as of yet, have not responded.  But then again, what the hell could they possibly say in response.  Here you judge for yourself.  By the way, I completely and wholeheartedly concur with my wife and, I am damn proud of her response. By the way here is the link to the NBC article that my my wife first read.  In addition, here is another link to a poingent voice in reponse to this focus on the family travesty   Below is that response.

Response to Focus on the Family Letter from a Christian from 2012

Really not a question, but rather a gut retching response to the letter you sent out that is supposedly signed by “A Christian from 2012”.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ, but I am not a believer in the two-forked tongue approach of “Love your neighbor” but slander another human being because they don’t agree with your beliefs.  I refuse as a CHRISTIAN who loves God and seeks to obey Him to be included in your smearing of another person for your own political benefit.  I DO NOT BELIEVE that Jesus would speak so hatefully about a person, even if he did not agree with his beliefs.  Jesus was a strong communicator against those, particularly the Pharisees, who claimed to follow God, yet excluded and hated others in their presence.  What exactly are you trying to communicate about God by this letter?  That He not in control of our world if people elect Barack Obama as president?  That God is only in control if John McCain gets elected?  I refuse to participate in your kind of garbage.  This type of rhetoric has convinced me that Obama IS my candidate.  Thank you for helping me to make up my mind.  What I have heard from Obama is a message of hope…remember hope? It is what Jesus came to give us. You and McCain have done nothing but create hatred against another human being.   I am thankful that I will not be raising my children to follow your god…politics and religion.  I will be raising my children to follow Jesus….love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  If you would like, I could write a letter from a person in 2012, who would likely say “Gosh, I would have like to come to know Jesus, but His followers seem awfully angry and fearful and mad.  I don’t want anything to do with that.”  I do hear that in my workplace and I do hear that among my contemporaries.  What you have done is wrong and I am thankful that MY God is merciful and that He is the One who will ultimately judge us all. 


I just watched one of the most honest, disturbing and painful motion pictures that I have ever watched.  The title is “Amen” directed by Costa-Gavras.  In this movie one is able to see how depraved and cowardly humanity can act, juxtaposed with the bravery and sacrifice of one lowly priest who chose to join the persecuted than to turn a blind eye.  In the end one of the most disgusting of human characters is again helped by the same church who failed to condemned the atrocities of the Nazi regime.  While I know that this movie is not far from the truth (if anything I am sure that the atrocities were even worse and the shame of the cowards who allowed it to continue without personal peril, even more perverse.  I highly recommend this movie if for no other reason than to have our stomachs turned to such an extent that we never, ever allow this to occur again without personal peril.