No place for Pastors!

As a pastor and a Christian, I am so very disgusted with the sermons that were preached in so many conservative pulpits this last Sunday.  The article from NBC news was stunning to me and frustrating.  The only criteria seemed to be the same old evangelical voting issues: abortion and gay marriage.  Are there not other moral issues pressing in todays world?  How about hunger?  How about war?  How about corporate greed?  How about enviromentalism and global warming?  As I see it these are also huge moral issues for us as humans and, yes, as Christians.  

I think it is about time that the Christian Right find something else to bark about because in our current situation, they appear to be intentionally blinded by their religious culture from seeing things that Jesus actually spoke about (no mention in the gospels from Jesus about homosexuality or abortion).  Jesus had plenty to say about caring for the poor, feeding the hungary, visiting prisoners and taking care of widows and orphans.  They claim to be biblical but I don’t think that they are reading the same Bible that I am reading.  With the economic crisis, there are going to be many more needy, hungry, homeless and poor.

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