John McCain has attempted one political ploy after another to try and look presidential or avangaard.  In my opinion those ploys have not helped him all that much and the help they did bring was short lived.  Consider Sarah Palin, what a big move that was and it did rally the Republican party for a bit.  But recently, the move to keep her unquestioned by the press, the foreign leaders photo shoot and her incredibly limited resume are beginning to turn around on McCain and making him look desperate. 

Now he wants to delay the debates while he goes back to Washington to deal with this crisis.  Another political stunt that will, I hope the American public will see through and will result in another downward trend in the poles, and especially the pole on November 4th.  It isn’t like he has to be there and can’t work with his staffers in Washington from a distance and still engage in a debate about foreign policy, which is supposed to be a strength. 

If he can’t work from a distance and think about multiple issues, maybe that is just another indication that he is not ready to be president.

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