No blank checks this time, but we would like a little accountability

As I watch the mess continue to unfold before me each evening on the news, I am getting a little pissed off that I and my fellow citizens are supposed to pay for the indiscretions of Wall Street.  So, if I am understanding things, our retirements and our home values, our ability to just pay the bills has been severely damaged by these folks and now, the same administration that promoted the whole mess by its good ol’e buddy policies, now wants the American people to take on the bad debt and pay for it with our taxes.  

Hell NO!  That is bullshit and I, for one don’t trust this president nor his policies or plans to fix the shitter that he got us into.  I think they should yank the funds out of those wall street CEO’s accounts and put that back into the pot.  Maybe a little financial depression in their direction would help them understand what they have done to regular folk.


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