Knowing or unknowing

There was a time when I believed that gaining knowledge would increase my faith, but over the years I have found that is not true.  More knowledge bring more awareness of all that is not known, more knowledge merely opened up to me the reality of all the sewing that must be done to knit together the doctrines we have traded for our faith.  Knowledge has brought me full circle to the place where I find that I am more convinced of God in all that does not fit together, that is not reducible, that is fundamental mystery, than all the doctrine and the theology that I thought I once knew.  

Unshackled from that knowing, I am now on a path of discovery, a path of awe and a path where knowing is no longer the goal but worshipping the mysterious God who has drawn me near to him and who sought me and humanity out in the person we call Jesus.  Here I have found freedom to think, believe, question and see the glory of God outside of the structures that have typically housed our thought as Christians.  I read Scripture now and value it more than when I battled with others over truth, jots and tittles.  It is alive and I am alive and I would never go back to the small venue that I once thought gave me view of all things.  Now I look at the immensity of all things and I see Christ at work.  For in him the whole fulness of deity dwells bodily and we have come to fulness of life in him who is the head of all rule and authority (Paul to the Colossians).  There is freedom to discover the fullness of what that means and that freedom to some is dangerous, threatening and viewed as just plain wrong.  But so were the prophets, the disciples and all who of old and of now have embarked on that path of discovery.  Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to humanity with whom God is pleased and on whom his love rests (adapted from Lukes Narrative).


One thought on “Knowing or unknowing

  1. Hey Kelli, this is Wesley from Tom’s “Bible as Lit.” class. In response to what we talked about in class and what you posted here, I was wanting to know more about your position on scripture and other things. Something I was thinking about with the more common view of scripture is that since it is viewed as inspired and authoritative, and since we as people don’t naturally have an exhaustive understanding of God and are sinful, then scripture is often the foundation for adjustment- meaning that when someone comes to scripture they trust it over themselves, assuming they understand what it’s saying. And likewise, with many Catholics, when shortcomings of understanding come into place it is usually the role of the pope or church/tradition, etc., to be the trump card for questionable issues. So in light of that, and myself not arguing for or against either view at this time, what do you consider to be the role of uncertainty, doubt, confusion, ignorance, etc., in a Christians life? If it were not readily assumed to be subjected and corrected under either scripture or church, then what would you consider to have the role of doing that? Or would anything have that role? And I agreed with you before that I think oftentimes people do exalt either tradition, scripture, etc., above it’s proper place and thus make a sort of idol/work out of it and undermine a genuine personal relationship with God, but what would you say the proper place (of scripture, church, or whatever else people subvert their fallibility with) is?

    Anyway, I enjoyed the discussion we had. I haven’t checked out any of the material you recommended, but I thought more about the discussion. Thanks for insights.

    In Christ,


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