Everyday heroes

As I stood in line returning something at the store, I noticed the man who was next in front of me.  He was in a wheel chair.  He was there with a friend or relative and they, too, were returning something.  He was like so many others with handicaps who don’t let those challenges stop them.  I then thought that we refer to folks who rise above challenging circumstances and accomplish what should be out of reach with a very specific term: “hero.”  While the extreme nature of some situations are seen as easily warranting the use of the term Hero, these extraordinary people who choose not to be stopped or even slowed by disabilities that would cause some folks to give up, these folks are everyday heroes.  They didn’t pick their circumstances but they, daily, overcome their challenges and live their lives, contributing much to our society and living in a manner worthy of emulation.  They are an encouragement to me and they are heroes living around us everyday.


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