Book Review: The Faith of Barack Obama

The new book written by Stephen Mansfield is an okay read.  I appreciated that he attempted to give genuine voice to the faith of Obama.  This I think that he did well at several junctures, demonstrating that even though Obama resides on the political left, that does not negate him having a truth and meaningful Christian Faith.  I was excited by the reminder that faith does not belong to the right, to the evangelical, to the Republican.  

While I appreciated these achievements by Mansfield, I also felt that his book did not move beyond the typical labels and categories that have made genuine and honest religious communion allusive.  I would have liked to see the book move beyond “right” and “left”, “conservative” and “liberal”.  Personally I didn’t care for the chapter “four faces of faith”.  While Obama’s faith will be a point of comparison with the other candidates, I didn’t find that portion of the book helpful in understanding Barack’s faith, accept for maybe the last two pages of the chapter.   

All in all the book is a good read and helps to frame the way in which the faith of Obama is deeply apart of all that he works for hopes to happen in our country in the coming years.  I sincerely desire to see his hope become a reality in the USA.

One thought on “Book Review: The Faith of Barack Obama

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