Books I’m reading

I am currently about halfway through reading “The Faith of Barack Obama” by Stephen Mansfield.  For the most part I have enjoyed this view into Barack’s faith perspectives.  I appreciate how Mr. Mansfield has been able to clearly identify the importance of Barack’s faith and the wonderful way he has highlighted that there is faith on both sides of the issue (left or right).  I share my pastor’s views in wishing that we could move beyond those unfortunate and, often, loaded terms such as liberal, conservative, left and right.  The important reality is that Barack has not relegated his Christian faith to the sidelines for it is very much a part of who he is and what kind of leader he is.   When I finish this book I will blog about more.

I am also reading a book by Anthony Thiselton called “The two Horizons.”  This book is not new, Thiselton wrote it in the eighties.  I have just picked it up and began to read it.  It is quite academic but his perspectives on Hermeneutics is invaluable and it is a book any of us seeking to interpret the Scriptures seriously will want to own and read.

Lastly I am just beginnin to read Peter Rollins’ book entitled “How (not) to speak of God.  I haven’t yet read any of this book but I did hear a book report at the emergent cohort to which I belong and it sounds very good.  The book is recommended highly by Brian McLaren.  I am quite excited to read it; more will be coming about this book.

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