Pot – Kettle…black????

This morning I listened to NPR and heard of Russia’s invasion of Georgia.  And while I am not in favor of Russia’s actions, I also heard the report of President Bush’s condemnation of Russia’s act and call for their withdrawal.  My immediate thought was, “who the hell are you to comment at all about the invasion of Russia into Georgia, after you lied and led our country into a unnecessary, costly and immoral war in Iraq.  

President George Bush, you who had the plan to invade and attack the nation of Iraq from the beginning of your presidency, who has caused the death of thousands of U.S. Soldiers and even more civilians (collateral damage) in Iraq.  You who have ignored the world community who called for us to not invade, you who have stubbornly continued to claim that all this is in defense against terrorism.(?)  You from whom so many travesties, which you termed executive privledges resulted in the invasions of not just Iraq but invasions of our freedoms.  You whom authorized “extreme interrogation techniques,” which of course you would not  term torture, under you the prisoners were tortured, jailed without due process and all for your sick version of what it meant to guard our homeland.  You screwed up our education system with no child left behind, for which no respecting educator has anything but disdain.  You tapped our phones, ratted out our CIA agents for revenge and just lied.  You lied, and you lied and you lied.  You sir are the terrorist, you sir are the renegade who has brought shame and scorn upon our nation and our reputation.  

You sir have no place to comment on anyone else’s military actions.  I can’t wait for your departure from office.  Again, I assert this is not a pro-invasion of Georgia blog entry, because I am not in support of the Russian action.  I am just tired of the hypocrisy, the lying and the shoveling of crap by our President, that makes Nixion look like like a poster child for integrity: at least he had integrity to admit his wrong doing and to step out of the office.  George Bush you could take some lessons from Nixon’s integrity in that manner.  You are, as Senator Byrd intimated, “the worst president ever”!

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