Lessons from John Wayne

Any of you, who know me know that I am a huge fan of John Wayne.  I set down this evening to watch one of his movies: Chisum.  In this movie, John Chisum is an owner of a large cattle ranch in the New Mexico Territory.  The movie begins with Chisum a top his horse up on the side of a large hill, where he was surveying all his land.  His right hand man, rode up where he was sitting and asked him if he was thinking about the beginning, to which he replied, “yea and before.”  

My thought about this is that here is a man who owns a huge portion of the New Mexico territory and each morning he rides up to the hill to think about where he has landed and from whence he has come.  That is a good practice for any of us, to remember from whence we have come and to survey all that we have gained.  It seems to me that most of us think about where we are and seek to keep it in hand, but often we are not so aware or don’t remember from when we have come.  if we were more inclined to remembering as we are planning we might just plan better, wiser were we to take the time to keep in perspective all that we have come through to get to where we are.  

I think that the reason that I appreciate the John Wayne movies so much is that it portrays a simpler time where we were aware of our blessings and aware of where we hoped we are going.  With much work, determination and a willingness to appreciate our partners, enemies and our blessings, we might just be more able to work toward the betterment of our situation and those who are traveling with us.  There are lessons to be learned from Mr. Wayne.  this is just one.

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