Obama, a president who listens…

I just read an account where some hecklers showed up at an Obama town hall meeting.  You can find the article on NBC’s website at the following link.


At this town hall meeting, a group of African-Americans interuppted Barack.  I was impressed by his genuine and interested response.  He asked them to sit down and promised to address their questions during the question and answer time and then, he did just that.  He heard them and sought to answer their question but more importantly his answer wasn’t focused at his ability to change the situations they were protesting.  Rather he pointed them toward exercising their vote, running for office themselves but most importantly respecting one another and seeking to come together for an to the problems we face as Americans.  

I am impressed that this potential president wasn’t afraid to hear dissenting opinions or questions and I was impressed by his dependence upon our democratic process, where differing opinions, perspectives, where all the varieties of culture in our country must come together if we every hope to wrestle down answers to these very difficult problems.  

After 8 years of having dissenting voices escorted out of gatherings because they held opinions that spoke against the policies of the President, I am refreshed by Obama’s authentic candidacy and I hope he is our next president.

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