Politics ad absurdum

I recently was reading the political news regarding Barack Obama’s recent international travels. The comment was about the spin that republican commentators are seeking to put on these travels. The gist of what they were saying is that because other countries and especially Europe appear to like Obama, that is precisely why we should be careful of him. That his popularity would lead him to choose other interests over our own and Rush Lunatic Limbaugh even commented that the reason that other countries like Obama is because he (Obama) these others despise America.

Maybe, just maybe, the issue isn’t whether they appreciate or despise America but rather that they, like so many of us who live here, are tired of the “America” that has developed over the last eight years of covert tyranny in the Bush Administration. So it is not so much America as it is the stupidity that has been the result of extreme conservatives like Bush, and Limbaugh.

The fact that Obama has seemingly garnered so much international appeal has more to do with the fact that we have a presidential candidate that causes people to be hopeful that the ignorance of the last eight years is finally over. He is articulate, reasonable, and appears to have an education beyond the third grade. Obama understands that we can’t go it alone, that we need others in this world. Then, and only then, are some of these huge challenges facing our world going to be genuinely and authentically wrestled out.

I recently saw a bumber sticker that said “Worst President Ever.” That is the reason so many are intrigued by Obama, they are tired of the crap shoveled out by this administration, and I believe that most can’t see the direction going in too much of a different direction under a McCain administration.

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