I like to think of myself as an environmentally minded person. I am okay with efforts to control big business from raping our land, I am all in favor of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, indeed I believe that to be a moral responsibility. I am all for creating wilderness areas that are not able to be compromised so as to preserve our natural beauty. I am even okay with the re-introduction of wolves and the establishment of appropriate numbers so as to keep the balance of predator/prey. But I sure am frustrated by the resumption of federal protection for wolves in our area. Fish and Game have done a magnificent job of managing many different species (some of them predators).

I am most frustrated by these animal rights advocates who don’t live here, don’t hunt here (nor would they allow anyone, if they had their way).  These folk will never be willing to allow these animals to be managed. If there are 5000 they will still think we need to let them expand. When biologists who initiated,monitored and facilitated the re-introduction program demonstrate that numbers are at a place where they can be managed and hunted to control that management, it is frustrating to see this road block resume. I am reminded that there are environmentally minded folk who are truly out to lunch and are just fruitcakes in my estimation.

these wolves are decimating elk and deer herds. There aren’t many places were you can go now in the idaho mountains where the wolves are exploding in numbers. We need to be environmentally sound, but we also need to let the agencies that manage animals do just that. at the turn of the century, elk were on their way out, having been over hunted. The management that came through government agencies brought them back, wolves have experience the same. Now it is time to manage them locally.

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