things you miss

There is much about being in leadership and ministry at a church that is less than appealing.  Anyone in ministry, if they are honest will probably let you know that the frustrations of Church leadership are many.  I set out to be a pastor some years ago, because I believed that God was calling me to do that.  I have had the opportunity to minister in several different contexts (Vineyard, non-denominational, Baptist, Lutheran).  There remain things about church ministry that I dislike: budgets, offerings, administrative and organizational responsibilities, attempting to call forth people to serve in various categories of ministry.  These tasks drain me, they burn me out.  

Today, I had the opportunity to make a pastoral call to some folks in our church, death having knocked at the door of this couple.  I listened to this wife missing her husband.  I prayed with her and sought to presence God’s love.  Later this summer, I will have the opportunity to preach at our church and then a few weeks later to preach at another church, whose pastor is a good friend of mine.  I am realizing that I miss preaching and I miss caring for people in the church as their pastor.  Funerals were times to celebrate a life, weddings were a joyous occasion and a solemn one too.  Hospital visits were an opportunity to presence God’s love, mercy and goodness to folks who were in the throws of health challenges, reminding them that God is bigger than all they were facing. 

In my current position, I don’t get to do a lot of the above things I miss.  I do get to do some of those things but my main responsibilities are more of the elements that wear me out.  Realizing that is great, knowing what to do about that is another.  


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