“Bucket List”

Last night I watched the movie “Bucket List”. Man, what a great movie and food for thought! I won’t go into a movie review here, although I highly recommend you watch that movie. Rather I want to shoot around the idea of creating a bucket list. In th movie, the bucket list idea came from Morgan Freeman’s character and was an idea he was introduced to in his youth. However, he never really created the bucket list until his life was ebbing away.

I want to create a real and honest bucket list and keep it edited over the course of my life. In the movie it was more of a metaphorical device for contemplation until Jack Nicholson’s character got the idea of actualizing it. I suppose the answer to the question of whether this list will be metaphor or something to actualize, is yes.

The reality is that it wasn’t because of his youth that Morgan Freeman’s character never created a genuine “Bucket List”. Rather, I think that it wasn’t until faced with one’s own mortality did true clarity of what is really important come plainly into view. That is why my bucket list will need to be in a constant state editing, because with life, with age, with experience and knowledge gained will come a more authentic and genuine list. However, maybe the discipline of keeping an active list over the course of one’s life, too, will lend to a more honest contemplation and, consequently, appropriate redaction along the way. We’ll have to see.

Thus far I have three items on my list that I would like to do before I die: visit England, Ireland and Scotland with my wife, experience what it is like to chase after tornados with a storm chasing group and lastly, visit Antartica.

One thought on ““Bucket List”

  1. No way! Antarctica is one on my list, too! Check this out:

    Perhaps one day we should trek their together? 🙂

    I checked one off my list while on our Northern California vacation early this month: I hiked among the giants – the Sequoia Redwoods!

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