Last chance for Church

I am reading a book by Tony Jones entitled “The New Christians”.  I at first wasn’t very captured by it, but I must admit that it is getting better the further I get into it.  I just read a quote that I resonate with deeply.  “More than one emergent reported sentiments similar to one young man who said, ‘this emergent church is my last attempt at church.  If this doesn’t work, I’m out.  I don’t think I’ll ever give up on God, but I’m on the verge of giving up on the notion that human beings can form organizations that faithfully represent God in the World” (page 71).

While that is a sad commentary, it is a brutally honest one that I appreciate.  I began my religious life in children’s Sunday school and except for a couple of long vacations from faith, have been on a journey myself, one which has brought me to feel similarly to this young man quoted in Jone’s book.  My view of God has grown, my view of church has diminished.  What a guy to do?

3 thoughts on “Last chance for Church

  1. Another spoiled white boy… tell that young man to look at the global churches impact on racial reconciliation and humanitarian aid and then well talk about faithfully representing God in our world. He probably said this while drinking a $5 cup of coffee 🙂

    Just checking out you site buddy! Happy Blogging Again!

    You know me… I love Jesus’ Church (even the hard parts to get along with)

  2. Tom does bring up a good point: when you look at what organizations like World Vision, World Relief (or even your local food kitchen) are doing; I truly think that those organizations represent DO represent God to the world as well as any humans can. Sure they’re not perfect, but I would hope we don’t give up on them because of that!

    I can empathize with the speaker’s position. But instead of saying “…because organizations of Christians are screwing up on certain levels, I might stop being part of organizations…” I would hope we could focus on the massive force for goodness that the church CAN be and ask ourselves “How can I do my part to make the church (where I find myself in now) better represent God to the world?”.

    While things can get frustrating at times (to say the least), we are much stronger together than apart. That’s what the Body of Christ is all about!

  3. I share the sentiments of the guy Tony mentioned in his book. I too am at my last attempt to do Church. It’s not God that I’m giving up on…it’s the Churches perspective of the God who they have created that I’m struggling with. My friend Tony Campolo says: “God created man in his own image…and man decided to return the favor”. The emergent church to me is like a breath of fresh air to a drowning soul.

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